Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (ITV 1980 with Francesca Annis, James Warwick and John Gielgud)

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×185 minute episodes / Broadcast 30 March 1980

Writer: Pat Sandys / Producer: Jack Williams / Novel: Agatha Christie / Production Design: Bryan Bagge, Frank Nerini / Music: Joseph Horowitz / Executive Producer: Tony Wharmby / Directors: John Davies, Tony Wharmby

Francesca Annis as Lady Frances Derwent
John Gielgud as Reverend Jones
Bernard Miles as Doctor Thomas
James Warwick as Bobby Jones
Eric Porter as Doctor Nicholson
Leigh Lawson as Roger Bassington-Ffrench
Madeline Smith as Moira Nicholson
Connie Booth as Sylvia Bassington-Ffrench
Robert Longden as Badger Beadon
Doris Hare as Rose Pratt
Joan Hickson as Mrs Rivington
Rowland Davies as Doctor George Arbuthnot
James Cossins as Henry Bassington-Ffrench
Mitzi Rogers as Mrs Cayman
John Pennington as Mr Cayman
Lynda Marchal (aka author Lynda La Plante) as Mrs Roberts
Deddie Davies as Post-Mistress
Frank Tregear as Mr Roberts
John Horsley as Mr Spragge
Charles Morgan as Coroner
Leon Sinden as Mr Owen
Elaine Wells as Nurse Fletcher
Annette Robertson as Julie
Eirik Barclay as Tommy Bassington-Ffrench
Raymond Francis as Earl of Marchington
Sally Grace as Nurse Villard
Chris Cregan as Reeves
Michael Stainton as Mr Askew
Hugh Morton as Barker
Debbie Armstrong as Mary
Arnold Peters as Innkeeper
Norman Mitchell as Constable Browning
Artro Morris as Ticket Inspector
Terence Soall as Doctor
Kate David as Hotel Waitress
Penny Ryder as Café Waitress
Roy Boyd as Alan Carstairs
Mischa de la Motte as Ross
Colin Cunningham as Fred Pratt
Derek Hollis as Police Constable Bunner


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