Why are Westerners higher than Eastern people

Westerners are higher than Eastern people because they inherit dominant genetic resources, temperate climates and calcium-rich diets. The living environment – the “key” of Western height. The height of Westerners is more than that of the Eastern people, partly due to the favorable living environment.

European countries are located in a temperate climate belt (between 2 and 22 degrees Celsius), temperatures are relatively cold in winter and quite pleasant in the summer. Comparison between climate belts, temperate heat is not as harsh as tropical and neither hot and humid as tropical.

ghen di truyen giai thich tai sao nguoi phuong tay lai cao lon

This climate belt is suitable for the development of human physique. Because the environment is too cold (tropical climate), the height cannot develop because of shelter. Conversely, in a hot or humid (tropical) environment, it does not stimulate the stature of the body. Applying the law of evolution and natural selection to the explanation, shows that the European environment is completely in line with Charles Darwin’s theory.

Although the temperate climate is conducive to physique development, it only directly affects a very small part of the height of Western people. The cause of Western height comes mainly from the indirect results of temperate heat, which is food from the vegetation and animals of Europe.

The ancestors of Westerners came from the region of northern Europe – Asia (residing on a vast land stretching over the territory of Russia and Northern Asia). At first these people followed nomadic life, hunting, fishing and gathering. Their daily diet also revolves around this menu.

nguoi ha lan cao nhat chau au tai vi sao

Later, the moving living environment faced many difficulties due to climate change, they gathered, settled in small communities. At this time, the first inhabitants of Europe started the wheat drum, domesticated animals (reindeer, sheep) to get milk and meat. From here, Western ancestral diets include milk and bread next to seafood, fruits, vegetables, etc. This food source is perfectly suited to the nutritional menu to increase the present height of modern science.

Archaeologists have reaffirmed this when they found the bones of Western ancestors in Europe as tall as 1m70, with good looks. While similar studies in the Eastern ancestors found in Asia are only about 1m40 tall.