White Bird Passes, The (BBC 1980 with Isobel Black, Phyllis Logan and Jessie Kesson)

UK / BBC-2 / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 24 April 1980

Writer and Director: Mike Radford / Book: Jessie Kesson / Producer: James Hunter

Jessie Kesson as Herself
Isobel Black as Liza, Janie’s Mother
Vicki Masson as Janie, Aged 9
Phyllis Logan as Janie, Aged 16
Irene Sunters
Jean Faulds
Dawn Massie
Binkie Darling
Rose McBain
James Kennedy
Eileen McCallum
Marjorie Dalziel
Ian Stewart
Sheila Donald
Joanna Keddie
Mary Riggans
Geordie Hamilton
Joan Fitzpatrick
W. H. D. Joss
Ron Paterson
David Mowat
Bill Riddoch


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