Trump started the campaign for re-election in the battlefield state

President Trump on June 18 officially launched a re-election campaign for 2020 in Florida, one of the most anticipated states that decided to vote in 2020. President Donald Trump’s first official voter event is scheduled to take place on the evening of June 18 in Orlando, Florida, according to Reuters.

Observers said Mr Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020 will bring many similarities to 2016. US leaders continue to focus on tough immigration and trade policies, besides tactics. attacking Democrats.

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“My first term is the best ever. I think I have done better than all previous presidents if I only consider the first term,” Mr. Trump told ABC News.

The positive results of the US economy and the low unemployment rate will help Mr. Trump convince voters to accept non-traditional leadership and controversial series of policies.

Naturally, Mr. Trump is still capable of facing a tough race. The Russian investigation of the US election intervention has just ended despite no accusations but still somewhat worsens the image of the 73-year-old leader. Many of Mr. Trump’s tough policies are also unpopular with most American voters.

According to a survey on June 11 by Reuters, Mr. Trump received a support rate of only 40%, while the objection rate was up to 56%. Many other polls also show Trump behind Democratic candidate former President Joe Biden in many battleground states.

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“The level of support from faithful voters with Mr. Trump is almost the highest ever among Republican presidents. The decision to launch the campaign in Florida showed that Trump’s team greatly appreciated the state’s role in the 2020 White House race. Observers said the US president was facing significant challenges in Florida. a series of battlefields that he once won in 2016.

The Democratic Party has vowed to win back industrial states like Pennsylvania and Michigan in the upcoming election. The transition of these states to Mr. Trump in 2016 has contributed significantly to his victory.