Tips on summer travel amid the world health crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all parts of life and travel is not an exception. In this article, we would like to offer some tips on how to stay safe while traveling amid the world health crisis.

If you are still making a vacation plan, consider these recommendations from the U.S. CDC:

– Never travel if you or anyone within your group is sick or have been exposed to coronavirus.

– Always wear a face mask for public places.

– Bring with you your own food, water, medicine, and hand sanitizer, in case the gas station, restaurant, or convenience store can’t serve you due to occupancy limits, or there aren’t supplies that are available to you.

– Beaches and parks are fun outdoor places to go; but ensure to keep a safe six-foot distance from other people.

-When going to a pool, take off the face mask only when going into the water.

– If you need to rent a car, RV, or camper, carefully wipe down all surfaces, and wash hands and avoid touching your face.

Before leaving on the trip:

– Check with state regulations for quarantine requirements. Some states require visitors to isolate for 14 days when visiting the state or coming back after going out of town.

– Don’t post on social media about where you are going or when you are leaving. Save your pictures for when you get back.

– If you are going to travel by air, review cancelation policies carefully, consider travel insurance, and clearly understand the restrictions. When booking the tickets, as the departure date gets closer, check how full the flight is getting to determine if you are comfortable being less than six feet from someone.

–  Keep updated for any changes in policies at the location where you plan to visit. Many states are slowly re-opening for business but that might change between the time the trip is booked and the time of departure.

– Avoid online scams when booking a trip.

– Leave an emergency contact number for one of your close family members or friends.