Thousands of police guarding the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid

About 3,000 police and private security personnel will be deployed for the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Nou Camp in La Liga next week amid concerns about unrest from the protests.

According to AFP, protesters from the separatist movement in Catalan have called for a large-scale demonstration outside the Nou Camp, where Barcelona will host Real Madrid under La Liga on December 18.

The schedule of the Spanish season was originally planned for the “Super Classics” match on October 26 but was postponed after the wave of pro-independence protests in Barcelona, ​​where protesters Throw rocks at security forces and erect obstacles with fire.

The police will ensure that the game takes place, the fans have access to the stadium and security both on and off the pitch, Catalan’s interior director, Miquel Buch, said at a news conference on December 13.Accordingly, about 1,000 officers from Catalonia’s regional police force (Mossos d’Esquadra) will be deployed along with 2,000 agents from other police forces and private security organizations.

AFP quoted an official from Mossos d’Esquadra as saying that the deployment of security forces was a normal operation for games deemed high risk for security concerns but this time it was specially increased reinforce hundreds of agents both inside and outside. Agents will guard the vicinity of the Nou Camp starting Wednesday morning (December 18) to ensure that teams, referees and fans can enter the pitch without a problem.

Agents will also be on duty in surrounding areas to ensure protesters cannot get close to the Nou Camp. Because, if there is an invasion of the pitch in the “Super classic” match, the Barcelona club may face severe penalties and must organize future matches behind closed doors.

Currently, Barcelona and Real Madrid occupy the top 2 spots in La Liga with 34 points after 15 matches. Before the “Super Classics” match, Barcelona and Real Madrid had a difficult and promising operation in turn in Sociedad (the fourth team) and Valencia took place this week.