The first group of women to practice whip punishment in public in Indonesia

The first eight women agreed to carry out the task of public punishing whip for women who violated Islamic law in Aceh province, Indonesia.

The masked woman approached her target anxiously, got into position and then whipped her whip. This proves to be the newest member of the first female punishment team in Indonesia’s Aceh province.

New members need encouragement to punish the offender. It was an unmarried woman arrested in a hotel room with a man.

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Such behavior constitutes a moral crime in Aceh. This is the only region in the world’s largest Muslim majority country to impose Islamic law. That is called Sharia. Convicted people are often whipped publicly with a rattan tree.

The controversial punishment angered human rights activists and sparked heated debate on social media. It is also happening as between politicians.

The Indonesian president issued a call to stop punishing whip publicly but he did not say much about what happened in Aceh. It is a deeply conservative region on the island of Sumatra.

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Unlike the rest of the nation, Aceh obeyed religious laws as part of a 2005 autonomy agreement to end a decades-long secessionist uprising. Here, public whips are still common penalties for offenders for a range of offenses. These include gambling, adultery, drinking and gay or premarital sex.

In the past, work was always done by men. But an increasing number of women are being charged with moral crimes such as expressing open affection or having sex before marriage. Therefore, Aceh province is trying to obey Islamic law, calling on women to beat the female offenders.

Eight women – all Sharia officers – agreed to be punished and trained in appropriate techniques and trauma counseling. In the past, dozens of men carried out all the whip fines in the city for an unspecified fee.

They are not going to hurt people by spanking them. The most important is the shame effect on the offenders and onlookers so that they don’t do it again