The Dream of Having ‘Friends’ Return Crushed

Anyone who has had the experience of watching ten series of Friends have joined the large group of people wishing they would do just one more season or at least appear in a movie together. Over the last few years, talks about a possible reunion has come up multiple times, and there was an actual movie planned in 2016, but some of the actors were occupied in other acting positions, crushing the dream of having the six famous friends return for the first time.

Not long after, Jenifer Aniston returned hope to fans when appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, telling people she’s all for it and interested in making the reunion happen. Of course, this lit up the hope again, especially for fans who began enjoying the series again as it became available on Netflix.

Matt LeBlanc Thinks it isn’t a Good Idea, Here’s Why

According to Matt, people might be disappointed with where the Friends all grown up as the show focused on them during their 20s and some of the 30s. As he says, no one would want to see Joey going for a colonoscopy. He also added that some of the fans might be disappointed with the results as everyone has considered the possibilities, making it up in their own minds, similar to reading a book before seeking the movie.

Lisa on The Today Show

In an interview with The Today Show, Lisa revealed that the cases of Friends had a private reunion, which turned out to be a lot of fun. During the interview, she was asked for her view on the possibilities of a Friends reunion and also made it seem as if the dream is a distant hope. She feels it wouldn’t be as entertaining, especially now that each of the characters would have families of their own whereas one of the aspects that made the show popular is that they were each other’s family. She’s not sure what it would possibly be about and whether it would satisfy the fans so many years after the last season.

Matthew Thinks it Ended Perfectly Already

In 2016, when talks began about a possible reunion episode or even a movie, Matthew Perry quickly put things on hold when he said he won’t be taking part in the episode as it ended perfectly in season 10. The only thing a new episode could possibly bring is disappointment, or maybe create the same excitement the original ending had. He added that he wouldn’t want to ruin the perfect ending it had, which allows all the fans to come up with their own endings and where the characters would be now. Furthermore, Matthew also could attend the possible reunion due to commitments in the UK. However, he ended off that they are not giving up yet and who knows, the reunion might still happen, but it’s unlikely and a bad idea.