Switzerland – A place for students to study abroad

Coming to the beautiful Swiss country full of dreaming, you cannot help but visit Lucerne – one of the lands with ancient beauty with peaceful living space and wonderful natural scenery.

Lucerne is a miniature Switzerland, it is not wrong because in Lucerne state, it has all the characteristics of Switzerland such as poetic lakes, majestic mountains, people speak all four main languages ​​of Switzerland (Germany). , France, Italy and Romansh), has many old architecture and museums. Lucerne is considered to be the economic and cultural center of central Switzerland with an economy largely based on tourism and commerce.

On a sunny day in Lucerne, you will be overwhelmed and overwhelmed by hills, highlands, majestic natural landscapes, gently watching the beauty of the vast pine forest surrounding the lake waters with flat water. quiet in emerald green, looming far away are the boats gently floating on the water. Moving closer, you will come across beautiful little tile-roofed houses undulating along the lake.

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Referring to Lucerne, we cannot help but visit the city of the same name as the canton – Lucerne city, one of the most fascinating ancient cities of Switzerland. The city is surrounded by a beautiful lake and adorned by the clear waters of the Reuss River flowing from the top of the snow-capped Alpes.

In addition to the beauty of blessed nature, Lucerne is one of the attractive destinations in Europe with houses, quaint neighborhoods, clear lakes, ancient architecture and many museums. The attractions that you can visit when visiting Lucerne are Chapel Bridge, Jesuit church, Lion monument, Glacier Garden, Lake Lucerne, Swiss Transport Museum.

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Chapel Wooden Bridge – the most famous bridge in Europe crossing the Reuss River was started construction around 1333. Next to the ancient Chapel Bridge is the Wasserturm tower with an 8-sided design that used to be a place to hold medieval prisoners. ancient and also a unique attraction.

Stone Lion Monument – a prominent symbol in the city of Lucerne by Danish sculptor Thorwaldsen carved into a cliff by a lake of a small mountain. The stone lion symbol is dedicated to the memory of 800 Swiss officers and soldiers in the royal guards to France to protect the flower gardens Tuleries sacrificed during the French Revolution in 1789.