Sweden allows all employees can to take 6 months off to start a startup

This is one of the reasons why Stockholm city becomes the cradle of many new startups. In the past 20 years, employees in Sweden have received a benefit that no other country has. They have the right to take leave for 6 months to open their own company.

The ‘Right to rest to conduct business’ code is one of the rights only in Sweden, which allows them to take time off from work to continue studying or caring for their families. This is one reason why Sweden’s Stockholm city has become the center of startups, second only to Silicon Valley in California, USA.

Anyone who is a full-time employee of a company, and has worked for 6 months has also received this privilege. The company can only refuse the offer if the employee is too important to their operation, along with startup ideas that do not overlap with the company they are working on.

In many countries, there is a tendency that employees will create a small company of their own and “take care” of it at times when they do not do the main job. For them, free time and free energy can turn into money to support themselves. This job can make taxis, deliver letters a few hours, make paintings for sale on the Internet.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the country currently has 16.5 million people working in this form. For comparison, only a total of 80,000 people work officially in the coal mining industry. Although this number is taken from many different jobs, it also shows the trend of labor in the current economy.

In Nordic countries (like Sweden), justice has deepened into economy and society. People will have to pay high taxes, but will receive free education and health care. The financial market here is also very active, with many policies to sponsor people to work and above all, less corruption. The work to help workers, so that they can develop and be treated equally is important here.