Silk Stalkings (CBS 1991-99 with Mitzi Kapture and Rob Estes)

USA / CBS-USA Network-Stu Segall Prod.-Cannell Entertainment / x60m-e / 1991-99

Creator: Stephen J. Cannell / Theme Music: Mike Post / Executive Producers: David Peckinpah, Stu Segall

Crime drama series. In Palm Beach, Florida a pair of detectives investigate crimes, mostly murder, amongst the glamorous set. When both the original leads left in 1995 (in the show Chris and Rita married, Chris was then immediately killed and Rita then left the force) a new team was brought in in the form of Tom and Cassy. The show was a joint CBS-USA Network show until 1993 whereupon it continued on the USA Network alone.

MITZI KAPTURE as Sergeant Rita Lee Lance (1991-95)
ROB ESTES as Sergeant Chris Lorenzo (1991-95)
CHARLIE BRILL as Captain Harry Lipschitz (1993-99)
MITZI McCALL as Fran Lipschitz (1993-99)
BEN VEREEN as Captain Huthinson (1991-93)
WILLIAM ANTON as Assistant D.A. George Donnovan (1991-96)
KIM MORGAN GREENE as Melissa Cassidy (1991-92)
DANNY GANS as Roger (1991-92)
DENNIS PALADINO as Donnie ‘Dogs’ DiBarto (1993-94)
NICK KOKTAKIS as Detective Michael Price (1995-96)
TYLER LAYTON as Detective Holly Rawlins (1995-96)
CHRIS POTTER as Detective Sergeant Tom Ryan (1996-99)
JANET GUNN as Detective Sergeant Cassandra (Cassy) St John (1996-99)


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