Robots allow users to “video call” with remote pets

VAVA Mobile Pet Cam can automatically monitor and record pets, allowing users to chat with pets when away from home.

VAVA company that’s a company specializing in the development of camera equipment in the US officially launched a new robot model called VAVA Mobile Pet Cam. The robot is designed to be friends with pets when the owner is away, and allows users to monitor pets remotely, even “video calling” through an application on the smartphone, Digital Trends on 11/1 believe.

Pets are animals that are raised for sight-seeing, cuddling, caring for human beings as opposed to working animals.
The most popular pet recorded appears to be a joy, comfort of humans. Pets are often used to make the owner happy to help them relieve their emotions. Pets can help copper for older people and people who do not have adequate social interaction with others to help them alleviate sadness.

VAVA Mobile Pet Cam is equipped with 120-degree wide-angle sensors and cameras, which can automatically follow and record pets from room to room, even in tight places like under the bed. The design of a wheel-like rubber wheel allows the robot to move on many surfaces such as wood floors, marble, tiles or cloth mats. An obstacle identification system and height help minimize collisions and risk of falling stairs.

In addition to the two-way video chat feature, VAVA said their robots also have real-time alert capabilities, allowing instant notifications to users’ phones whenever the dog barks. Robots can also feed or play with pets if the user activates this mode on the app.

VAVA Mobile Pet Cam runs on electricity and can operate continuously for 8 hours (or 7 days in standby mode) when fully charged. In fact, pets like dogs and cats spend most of their time sleeping when their owners are away from home so robots can track pets all day with just one charge.