Sweden allows all employees can to take 6 months off to start a startup

February 26, 2019

This is one of the reasons why Stockholm city becomes the cradle of many new startups. In the past 20 years, employees in Sweden have received a benefit that no other country has. They have the right to take leave for 6 months to open their own company. The ‘Right to rest to conduct business’ […]

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Is a vegetarian diet healthier

February 11, 2019

Many ordinary people are choosing a vegetarian diet as a way to protect their health and fight many diseases. Do you know the great scientist Albert Einstein, the “boss” of Apple founder Steve Jobs, former US President Bill Clinton, the former CEO of the famous animation company Walt Disney and many sages, famous stars on […]

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Deaf because of wearing headphones

January 29, 2019

The habit of wearing headphones too much, with sounds that are too loud can lead to hearing loss, deafness, and even nerve damage. This warning made many people startled. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), wearing headphones often with high volume can cause hearing loss. Currently about 5% -10% of the world’s population is […]

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Robots allow users to “video call” with remote pets

January 14, 2019

VAVA Mobile Pet Cam can automatically monitor and record pets, allowing users to chat with pets when away from home. VAVA company that’s a company specializing in the development of camera equipment in the US officially launched a new robot model called VAVA Mobile Pet Cam. The robot is designed to be friends with pets […]

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How is health threatened if you eat too much mango

January 4, 2019

Mango is the favorite fruit of many people. Especially for women, the images of mangoes are available in every region. Eating mangoes will help your body supplement many beneficial substances for the body. But if you eat them too much in the hot season, it will be very dangerous to the health of users. Let […]

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Can pregnant women use rose water or toner

December 17, 2018

Beauty is an indispensable requirement for women, including pregnant women. Therefore, the question is that pregnant women have a problem with rose water and toner during pregnancy and how to use both of them that mother and child to be healthy? The rose water and toner have long been viewed as an indispensable close friend […]

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New Mexico President has sold 130 planes of politicians who corrupt

December 3, 2018

The new Mexican President who is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been sworn. He has vowed to sell all the aircraft that corrupt politicians have used. According to Finance Minister Carlos Urzua, there are about 60 jets and 70 government’s helicopters will be sold to give money to the public. In on Dec. 2, Mexico’s […]

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‘Avengers 4’ can be publicized after after InfinityWar’s 5 years of anniversary.

November 20, 2018

Daniel R, a writer of SuperBroMovies has been talked that: “Avengers 4 will be started many years after the Infinity War. New movies are not set after the previous few months as the expectations of audience.”. It was shared on his personal facebook by him. Daniel R, This is a person who has many relationships […]

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Fame After Britain’s Got Talent for First Four Winners

October 25, 2018

Created by Simon Cowell, Britain’s Got Talent started in June 2007 and still continues to search for new talent, while it involves the public via voting. Due to its massive success, the millions of fans from around the globe hooked on watching the nervous competitors, and the fame participants enjoy after the show, it has […]

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Last Season of Big Bang Theory

October 21, 2018

CBS confirmed that season twelve will be the end of the phenomenally popular Big Bang Theory. Everyone knew at some stage the series would end and so did the cast, yet none were truly prepared for that day, not the fans and most certainly not the cast, left in tears once the announcement made the […]

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