Nearly 1 billion USD poured into restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral after the fire

The Catholic community in France and many tycoons around the world have donated nearly 1 billion USD to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral after the April 15 historic fire.

French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to complete the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral in five years, to overcome the damage after the devastating fire on April 15, destroying the unique dome and the highest tower of the church.

The construction teams began to bring large cranes and wooden beams to the cathedral located on the island of Ile de la Cite, on the Seine river between Paris, on April 17. Meanwhile, many fire brigades have not yet completed the damage assessment and reinforced the building architecture after the fire.

On the same day, every cathedral across the country will have a bell to commemorate the loss at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Luckily there was no loss of life in the fire on April 15. Fire and church officials quickly evacuated people from the scene, though prayers were already taking place.

Stephane Bern is an envoy on the cultural heritage of the French president. He said that in just over a day after the disaster, nearly 880 million euros were donated to restore Notre Dame Cathedral. Contributions from all over the world, from Apple Corporation to tycoons with famous fashion labels like L’Oreal, Channel and Dior, to Catholics in Paris or small towns and cities across France.

The Government of Macron continues to receive donations and will set up a special office in charge of the fund and high commitment contributions. However, some argue that this amount is too large and can be used more effectively in other matters, such as supporting small churches and workers who are experiencing financial difficulties. .