NBA players are afraid of being unemployed because of COVID-19

When the tournament was delayed and training centers were closed because of COVID-19, NBA players were also at risk of losing their form and injury.

NBA suspended for at least 30 days and possibly longer because of COVID-19. Fans, the media and the players were all depressed because the season was delayed. Some former players think that this is the recovery time needed for the players to be in the best condition before the Playoffs.

What teams are allowed to do to prepare for the Playoffs during this period is like a pitch from the middle of the pitch in other words not much.

President Adam Silver sent instructions to 30 clubs to allow the players to leave the host city. Not many people do that, but the ability to practice is almost zero. Most states require teams to close training centers. Even when not banned, Atlanta Hawks voluntarily cancel the exercise due to health reasons.

Anthony Tolliver was one of the rare players to leave the club to return home, when Memphis Grizzlies did not organize training. In Texas, the veteran has everything he can to keep fit, not only with weights and exercise machines, but also with a half of an NBA-standard indoor soccer field and a rebounding machine that can take the ball to the spot. hand throwing.

“I started practicing at home last summer. I always dreamed of a private gym and that’s why I live in Texas. Everything is much cheaper. However, not many people have the same facilities”.

Anthony Tolliver is one of the few players consciously maintaining the condition.

Most of the players are not disciplined like Tolliver, and they will face big challenges during the boom COVID-19. Not being focused on the team, not having time to return to a specific game and having no facilities available can make them less interested.

Tolliver calculates that players will need at least 2 weeks to prepare themselves before gathering with the whole team.

A bigger concern for players is the possibility of injury. “I would not be surprised if the number of injuries increased 25-30% after the season comes back, because we have never seen this before,” the player of Grizzlies said.