Mythbusters 200th Episode 10th Anniversary Jato Car Special Tonight on SBS-1

Hard to believe that Mythbusters has been on the air for a whole decade and that it has notched up an incredible 200 episodes. What’s more amazing still is that it still shows no signs of wearing out it’s welcome. In fact it is fair to say it’s as good now as it ever was.

One of the very first myths Jamie and Adam attempted to bust way back when was the JATO rocket car which was supposed to be able to fly through the air for a kilometre before smashing into the side of a cliff. So keen were the boys to bust this myth that they tried it twice and failed. On tonight’s episode they hope to try it for a third and final time using everything they have learnt along the way and incorporating plenty of new technology into the bargain.

Having seen the episode we won’t tell you whether they succeed or not but the show is still quintessential lads and dads viewing.


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