MMA boxers suffer from bone fractures behind the knockout punches

Sage Northcutt, an American UFC fighter, was diagnosed with eight fractures on his face after he received a punch from his opponent in the first ONE Championship.

At the ONE Championship event held in Singapore last weekend, Sage Northcutt made his debut match against Cosmo Alexandre. Despite stepping in with a series of 3 wins, Northcutt was defeated in just 29 seconds.

Alexandre launched a direct punch that caused the American boxer to lie on the floor immediately. The referee must stop the match and declare the victory for the Brazilian puncher.

It was the first knock-out defeat in UFC veteran’s career. However, this is just the beginning of a long weekend for Northcutt. After the examination, he was diagnosed with 8 cracks in his face from a single punch.

Sharing on social networks, Northcutt revealed he was forced to undergo 9 hours of surgery to treat the wound. Despite the “dark” weekends, American punchers still have good spirits and vowed to return.

“I have just had a 9-hour operation because of the 8-sided fracture. I feel lucky because of the great care and support from ONE Championship, family, friends and fans. The face is not too shabby, I will be back, “Northcutt said.

Northcutt will take several months to recover from injuries before returning to practice and play. This is the third defeat in the career of the American puncher after 14 matches played. With Alexandre, he is holding an 8-1 record, including 8 consecutive victories.

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