Luther Series 3 Premieres Soon

The wait will soon be over, Luther’s hugely anticipated third series will soon be upon us. The BBC have yet to fully announce an actual airdate but they have released details of the first episode (there are four altogether) and it will definitely be airing the first week in July.

When John Luther returns his latest case carries disturbing echoes of a previously unsolved echoes of a never solved case from the 1980′s.

Luther’s focus is divided when a reluctant Schenk assigns him to another case – a malicious internet tormentor has been found murdered in his home, with all his possessions stripped from the flat. With so many people wanting the tormentor dead, Luther needs to apply brute force to a key witness for more information, unaware that every move he makes is being watched.

Pulled in every direction, Luther’s patience is wearing thin and a car crash, as he rushes to the second crime scene, is the last thing he needs – or so he thinks, until he sets eyes on the beautiful Mary Day. Could this chance encounter mean that Luther might just be on the verge of finding love?

No news yet on whether the fabulous Alice (Ruth Wilson) is in this episode but Luther’s new love interest is the gorgeous Sienna Guillory.

DCI John Luther is played by Idris Elba, DSU Justin Ripley by Warren Brown, Mary Day by Sienna Guillory, DSU George Stark by David O’Hara, DS Erin Gray by Nikki Amuka-Bird, DSU Martin Schenk by Dermot Crowley and Benny Deadhead by Michael Smiley.


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