Les Dawson: An Audience With That Never Was (ITV 1 June 2013 with Bruce Forsyth and Cilla Black)

UK / ITV / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 1 June 2013 @ 8.30pm

Executive Producers: Glen Middleham, Claudia Rosencrantz

A clever one this, albeit a little bit off. In 1993 when Les Dawson died he was in the midst of recording an edition of An Audience With… Now using the latest modern technology ITV bring Les back in the form of a 3D hologram performing the material from the 1993 show for a new celebrity audience including his friends Bruce Forsyth, Cilla Black, Terry Wogan and Ken Dodd.

The show also incorporates reminisces from friends and family and previously unseen home movie footage of Les with his baby daughter Charlotte.


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