Last Season of Big Bang Theory

CBS confirmed that season twelve will be the end of the phenomenally popular Big Bang Theory. Everyone knew at some stage the series would end and so did the cast, yet none were truly prepared for that day, not the fans and most certainly not the cast, left in tears once the announcement made the end official.

Penny in Tears After Announcement

One of the main stars of the show is Penny, just a girl across the hall when the television series first started, now the wife of Leonard and best friend of Sheldon, Amy, and the others.

Kayley Cuoco most known for her role as Penny in the Big Bang Theory was sobbing for more than a week once the whole crew was informed that the sitcom would end in season twelve. During an interview with USA Today, Cuoco said once they all heard the news, it was terrible, and she cried every day for over a week. Initially, The Big Bang Theory was planned to continue for at least another two seasons, but CBS pulled the plug and the crew, as well as the cash, did not expect it, which makes it double as hard to deal with. One day after the shock announcement the whole crew attended a run-through, everyone was at work, and they made the best show ever.

Steve Hollard, the producer of The Big Bang Theory, says the series became a huge part of their lives and once its end was announced it did bring tears, although the only thing left is to make the last season the best. Plans to make the last season unforgettable is now something that energises the crew, producers and the cast.

Jim Parsons Turned Down $1 Million Per Episode & Ended the Series

Entertainment Weekly announced that the main reason why The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end is Jim Parsons. He has been the main reason millions of viewers got completely hooked on the 257 episodes he was a part off. Since 2006 everyone watched his OCD episode after episode, yet Parsons informed the producers that it was time to pull the plug on Sheldon Cooper even though that means turning down a deal worth $50 million.

The Big Bang Theory

CBS has attempted to further negotiate with Parsons as their goal was to continue the series for two more seasons, and even with an offer of $1 million per episode Sheldon Cooper was not prepared to continue. The Big Bang Theory sitcom has won 10 Emmy Awards during its 12-year run and was nominated 52 times while at the end of season 12, fans would have enjoyed 279 programs, which makes it the multi-camera, longest -running series in the history of television. The final episode will be aired in May 2019 in the United Kingdom and later the same month in other countries around the globe.