Jack O’Connell Returns To Skins And Tells Us Why It Was Easy To Come Back

Jack O’Connell made a huge impact during his time on Skins but it’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen him on the show as Cook, here though he tells us how easy it was to slip back into the role in new series Skins Rise.

“When we left we were under the impression that we would all come back together for a film so I hadn’t put Cook to bed at all, I’ve kept him sort of nearby. It was about a year ago when I started preparing for him, but I think that was more out of excitement than anything.”

The biggest challenge was picking up with Cook as man in his twenties. “Luckily throughout the time I’ve played Cook I’ve always been a little bit ahead of him in terms of maturity. I’ve always been slightly older than him, so I was learning things a little bit prior to actually portraying him. We grew fond of Cook watching him as a young man, as a late teen and now we see him having to man up. Is he going to keep running around head loose or is he actually going to stay alive and prioritise himself for a bit?

One of his main lessons in these two episodes is to find out if he can he prioritise real love. At the age that he’s at now, it’s very truthful in the sense that you have to decide what’s for keeps and what’s for short term. Any one of us can go off on a short term burner, but it’s a marathon. To put it in a nut shell, it’s Cook growing up.”


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