Interesting facts about Singapore are not well known

Known as the most beautiful and clean island nation in the world, along with the development of economy, tourism, Singapore increasingly attracts a large number of tourists. However, coming to Singapore, not all tourists know about the interesting things that BesTour is about to reveal. Stay tuned.

Under British rule, Singapore was one of Malaysia’s 13 states from 1963 to 1965 due to the unification of the Federation of Malaysia and the former British colonies with North Borned, Sarawak.

This event also ended the 144-year-old British dominance of Singapore starting in 1819 but at that time Singapore was just a small state of the Federation of Malaysia. This also explains that Singapore’s National Anthem is written mostly in Malay language.

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However, due to a lack of confidence, as well as differences in thought about the leadership class, Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman decided to expel Singapore state from the federation, making Singapore a separate country.

As a result, Singapore is now the only modern country in the world to gain independence against its will. Singapore whose Sanskrit name is Singapura means Lion City. The name comes from the fact that a Sri Vijaya from Indonesia thought he had seen a lion here.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho singapore

However, scientists claim that there has never been a lion living in Singapore recorded to that point. And what’s worth mentioning is this: if the prince was a little better at biology than distinguishing a lion or a tiger, then Singapore should now be called the Tiger City.

Singaporeans call their English style Singlish, which is the abbreviation of Singapore English, which is English of Singaporeans. The country now has four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Singapore only allows the consumption of chewing gum for medicinal purposes & to buy medicine as prescribed by a doctor. So do not be foolish to travel in Singapore but accidentally discharge the candy, then you will face a fine of up to Singapore $ 1,000