How is health threatened if you eat too much mango

Mango is the favorite fruit of many people. Especially for women, the images of mangoes are available in every region. Eating mangoes will help your body supplement many beneficial substances for the body. But if you eat them too much in the hot season, it will be very dangerous to the health of users. Let read this article below to better understand the dangers of eating lots of mangoes during the hot season!

Eating a lot of mangoes in hot weather increases blood sugar levels. Because mangoes contain a large amount of sugar, when you consume them too much mango, it means eating a lot of sugar. From there, they pose a risk of diabetes.

Eating lots of mangoes can cause cancer if you eat artificially cooked mangoes. For mangoes to ripen faster, many places selling mangoes have used a chemical that’s calcium carbide. This toxic substance when entering your body will be harmful to your health and likely to cause cancer. Some of the bad effects of calcium carbide cause your body to be numb, itchy or suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

There are about 135 calories in a ripe mango, so eating a lot of mangoes will prevent your weight loss journey, hinder your body’s calorie reduction. However, if you eat mangoes 30 minutes before exercise, it may work to help you have energy during the sport.

The mango resin is a strong stimulant that can irritate the throat. So it is best to eat mango after eating mango. Because when drinking cold water they can freeze the sap, leading to mango resin sticking to your throat and causing irritation and irritation.

For people with sinusitis, arthritis, limit eating mangoes to a minimum. If you still deliberately eat a lot of mangoes, it will make your condition worse.