Hamish And Andy’s Gap Year Asia Premieres 8 July on Channel 9

TV’s perpetual teenagers Hamish and Andy are keen on their travels, stretching out their gap year ever further. This time out the plucky adventurers will be in Asia and their series will premiere on Channel 9 on 8 July 2013 @ 8.00pm.

Each week their show will be broadcast from their favourite Bangkok (surely the only place in the world named after it’s chief leisure activity) Bar The Raintree.

“Asia has so much diversity and so many incredible countries to explore. No wonder they call it the Europe of Asia,” said Hamish, in an attempt to show off the geographical intelligence he hopes to become known for.

Andy revealed that “we’ve always had a deep connection to Asia because the safari outfits we wear on the show are made there. It will be really nice to take them home.”


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