China drills 6-day live ammunition near the Taiwan Strait

Beijing is carrying out live ammunition drills at the northern end of the Taiwan Strait to show its determination to stop “independent support forces” in Taiwan.

Authorities in Yuhuan town, Zhejiang province, announced on May 5 the ban on boats and fishing activities in the area until May 10. They said this was part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s “regular annual exercise plan” (PLA) and would involve “using real weapons“.

Collin Koh, a military analyst at S. Rajaratnam International School of Studies at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, said the stress for real bullet-shooting exercises shows that the six-day exercise will simulate the Real combat conditions.

An Taiwanese analyst from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said the drills off Zhejiang show Beijing’s determination to protect its position on Taiwan.

“Beijing is trying to build the image that China can win the war with Taiwan and Beijing’s main goal is to curb independent support forces, this is the biggest threat. with the process of unifying peace, “the analyst told the South China Morning Post. China sees Taiwan as a separatist island and does not rule out the possibility of unification by force.

The exercise takes place in the context of the Pentagon announcing its annual report warning that China is preparing plans to unify Taiwan by force.

Taiwan is one of the hotspots in US-China relations. This autonomous island held a computer simulation exercise last month and will hold real Han Kuang bullet fire drills annually from May 27 to 31.

The US military said it had dispatched two Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait on April 28. Two frigates were identified as William P. Lawrence and Stethem passing through the Taiwan Strait, the 180 km wide strait separating Taiwan from China.

“The fact that ships cross the Taiwan Strait represents America’s commitment to a free and open India-Pacific,” the US Pacific Fleet said in a statement.