Switzerland – A place for students to study abroad

October 29, 2019

Coming to the beautiful Swiss country full of dreaming, you cannot help but visit Lucerne – one of the lands with ancient beauty with peaceful living space and wonderful natural scenery. Lucerne is a miniature Switzerland, it is not wrong because in Lucerne state, it has all the characteristics of Switzerland such as poetic lakes, […]

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How does Singapore benefit from the difficulties of Hong Kong

October 14, 2019

Whatever the view of the chaos in Hong Kong, whether it is a political uprising or illegal riots, it is a disaster for the territory’s economy. And if there’s one place that benefits from Hong Kong’s troubles, it’s the maritime, financial, and commercial center, another self-governing city with another Chinese majority in East Asia: Singapore. […]

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Google changed the logo to honor the first female engineer in the history of world science

October 1, 2019

Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu – the first female engineer in the history of world science, she focused on studying the origin of substances such as coal, chromium, bauxite and copper. On November 10, to celebrate the 131st birthday of Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu – the first female engineer in the history of world science, Google changed Doodle […]

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The brother of the British Prime Minister resigned due to disagreements over Brexit with his brother

September 6, 2019

Jo Johnson filed for his resignation due to an unresolved disagreement with his brother Brexit‘s policy, current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to Reuters, Jo Johnson, brother of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, submitted his resignation on September 5. Before that, Mr. Jo Johnson held the position of Deputy Minister of Business, Ministry of Education […]

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America owes the world or the world owes US

July 30, 2019

The world has to keep up his efforts to keep him circled for fear of falling, everyone falls on top of each other. So, if the dollar continues to play a dominant role in the next 20-30 years, it is not surprising. A Chinese person told me: “The two states of China and the United […]

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Jessica Raine on Playing Verity Lambert in An Adventure In Space And Time

November 5, 2013

Jessica Raine, the star of Call The Midwife, takes on the role of Verity Lambert in upcoming feature length drama An Adventure In Space And Time. Lambert was the first female drama producer at the BBC and the first ever producer of Doctor Who. Here Jessica explains what it was like stepping in to the shoes of […]

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Jack O’Connell Returns To Skins And Tells Us Why It Was Easy To Come Back

June 8, 2013

Jack O’Connell made a huge impact during his time on Skins but it’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen him on the show as Cook, here though he tells us how easy it was to slip back into the role in new series Skins Rise. “When we left we were under the impression […]

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