Bohemian Rhapsody Getting Criticized

Bohemian Rhapsody is a new film that is set to be released November of this year. While the release will show off all the productions hard work to the film, the real issues are stemming from the portrayal of the Freddie Mercury biopic. One producer and screenwriter, Bryan Fuller, known for his shows Hannibal and American Gods, took to his twitter account to express his concern from the movie’s trailers. Fuller claimed that the film was an over-erasure of Freddie Mercury sexuality, as the film showed scenes of him only flirting with women in his free time, while not showing the same attention to men – something that Freddie was known to do. However, Fuller is an openly homosexual professional in his field who is known for his critically acclaimed hits showcases the emphasis of sexual energy and themes through most of his work. As an example, his 2017 Starz Network series, American Gods, features a quite explicit and intimate sexual encounter between a cab driver and an Omani businessman – which lead to it becoming one of the most sexually explicit, yet passionate sex scenes featured on modern day television.

Fullers Twitter Rant

Though Fuller’s twitter rant of the film was met with an equal amount of support and disposition, he continued that his claims were more so focused on 20th Century Fox’s marketing, which has been known to censor same-sex relationships to a point. Along with the general knowledge of Mercury’s sexuality that Americans have. In an almost ironic formality, Queen’s music such as “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” have become staple songs that are commonly heard playing in the biggest and smallest sports arenas. Fuller’s full tweet seemed to be focused on the directorial switch from Bryan Singer, a disgraced director due to multiple claims of sexual assault, to Dexter Fletcher. Fuller begun to hint that switching the original director who was an open bisexual – despite being accused of molesting a minor, with a straight one, took some of the integrity of the film with it. Moreover, choosing to detail the film as Mercury’s battle with AIDS as nothing more than a “life-threatening illness”, such as Fox has done, can only pale in comparisons to the historical suffering and discrimination that Mercury, and others who suffered with the fatal disease, have gone through.

Rami Malek

While Rami Malek, a straight actor known for starring in the hit television show Mr. Robot, will be playing Freddie Mercury in the film. From the script, all mentions of Mercury having a same-sex relationship will be included with the part of Mercury’s longtime lover, Jim Hutton, being played by Aaron McCusker.

If the film holds up and theatres and becomes a box office success, many fans will still be on edge due to the recently released film’s trailer. Fuller finishes his sentiment by stating that 20th Century Fox had all the choices it needed to incorporate important details about Mercury’s personal life, along with his romantic, as displaying him as the iconic, inspirational, and queer man that he was. They instead decided to only showcase one part of him in their marketing for the film.