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Garanti BBVA has signed a risk sharing framework agreement to finance investment projects

January 2, 2021

Under the agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Garanti BBVA will prioritize its investment in high performance sustainability for those who want to improve their businesses at the same time funding investment projects. Garanti BBVA has signed a Risk Sharing Agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to fund investment […]

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Breakdancing to Be an Olympic Sport for The First Time in Paris 2024

December 8, 2020

Breaking, or competitive breakdancing, has been set to be an Olympic sport for the first time at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. It was one of four sports to be approved for the summer games. The executive board of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) approved the new sport as part of a broader sporting list […]

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Some US states and cities have enacted new rules and curfews to slow down Covid-19

November 6, 2020

Spring lockdowns helped prevent hospitals from overloading, drove down the rates of Covid-19 infection, and saved countless lives in the process. Now, after the summer surge erased much of the progress made during lockdowns, the US is in the throes that may be the worst coronavirus surge yet. And some governors and mayors are doing […]

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An Indian teenage boy spent up to 21,000 USD on PUBG Mobile

October 23, 2020

Recently, the local newspaper The Indian Express said that a teenage boy living in the city of Punjab, India for unknown reasons spent Rs 16 lakh, which is approximately 21,000 USD on the PUBG Mobile game. This is the amount of money that his parents have worked hard to earn during the past few years. […]

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COVID-19 disrupted critical mental health services, according to WHO

October 8, 2020

The global health crisis has disrupted critical mental health services in 93% of the countries it surveyed, which underscores the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights an urgent need to scale up funding, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) has warned. The WHO also said that the epidemic has increased the need for […]

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Tips on summer travel amid the world health crisis

August 9, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all parts of life and travel is not an exception. In this article, we would like to offer some tips on how to stay safe while traveling amid the world health crisis. If you are still making a vacation plan, consider these recommendations from the U.S. CDC: – Never travel […]

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The spread of COVID-19 in Africa is now reaching full speed

July 10, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic in Africa is reaching “full speed,” according to the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief, meanwhile a South African official said that a single province is preparing 1.5 million graves. Just one day after confirmed coronavirus cases across Africa surpassed the half-million milestone the total was more than 522,000 and […]

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Tokyo Olympics Organizers Hope To Simplify Games

June 12, 2020

The Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, which have been delayed a year to 2021 due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, might be held in a simpler form than the Olympics usually are. According to Japan’s NHK News, the president of the organizing committee, Yoshiro Mori, told reporters on Wednesday that he hopes to simplify the games […]

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FDA Cautions About Reliability Of Abbott Coronavirus Test

May 15, 2020

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cautioning the public about the accuracy of a widely used rapid test for the coronavirus. The test, made by Abbott Laboratories, has been linked with inaccurate results that could falsely reassure patients that they are not infected with the virus. The Trump administration has promoted the test as […]

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Donald Trump says US has passed the peak of COVID-19 outbreak

April 16, 2020

President Donald Trump said that the U.S. has passed the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has infected more than 630,000 people in the country. Trump said at a White House news briefing on Wednesday, “While we must remain vigilant, it is clear that our aggressive strategy is working.” “The battle continues, but the data […]

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