An Indian teenage boy spent up to 21,000 USD on PUBG Mobile

Recently, the local newspaper The Indian Express said that a teenage boy living in the city of Punjab, India for unknown reasons spent Rs 16 lakh, which is approximately 21,000 USD on the PUBG Mobile game. This is the amount of money that his parents have worked hard to earn during the past few years.

Specifically, The Indian Express said the 17-year-old boy above loaded 500 million into the PUBG Mobile game to buy virtual items in the game such as clothes, gun skin, Royale Pass… It is known that the amount This is saved by the parents to pay the medical expenses for the father as well as for the future of the boy.

Both parents did not know that their children had “spent” a huge amount of money on virtual games because the boy told his parents that he used his smartphone to study online during a time of social isolation.

Spending money on the game becomes easier because all of his parents’ bank card information is saved to the account on the smartphone. Most payments are made in a short 1 month period with a total of 3 bank accounts.

An Indian teenage boy spent up to 21,000 USD on PUBG Mobile

More sophisticatedly, this boy even deleted the transaction notification messages sent by the bank to his parents’ phone, as well as spent money alternating between the 3 bank accounts to avoid detection. Finally, when both of their accounts had nothing to pay for, the incident broke.

With the release of the game for free, the main source of revenue for the PUBG Mobile game is currently largely dependent on the paid transactions in the mobile game. Players will top up to buy an Unknown Cash (UC) virtual currency in the game and use the virtual currency to purchase in-game items.

It should also be noted because it is a game in the Battle Royale genre, so there is no way that players just need to load a lot of money (Pay to win) to easily win the top 1. Most items bought in the game only serves the needs of the player’s profile beauty as well as character.

The Indian government has also made efforts to provide warnings and solutions to reduce problems related to the PUBG Mobile game. However, among the nearly 60 recent Made in China applications that have been banned in India, there is no name of this game on the list.

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