America owes the world or the world owes US

The world has to keep up his efforts to keep him circled for fear of falling, everyone falls on top of each other. So, if the dollar continues to play a dominant role in the next 20-30 years, it is not surprising.

A Chinese person told me: “The two states of China and the United States have the same interest in taking care of the American people!”, Because even though the United States had brought a mountain of debt, Beijing had to lend more money. spending, while Chinese workers are forced into low wages and poor social security without fully enjoying their labor.

If there are two regular economic forecasts for 10-20 years that have yet to happen, one is that the Chinese economy will collapse and the second is that the dollar will lose its global dominance. This article will analyze the paradox of the dollar which experienced many disasters such as the Great Depression in 2007-2009, the US budget nearly went bankrupt because of the paralysis of the government in 2011.

The Central Bank printed 4,000 billion USD to support the economy, or mountains of debt up to a figure never seen 17,500 billion USD – these cases assume that happening in any other country also makes the creditors run terrified.

Only for the US, the world continues to plunge into non-interest loans! How does the United States take what economists call “such an excessive comfort”?

Hình ảnh có liên quan

The answer is another question where is the idle money sent better than the US? Although the above figures show that the choice of sending gold to the United States is also very precarious, but compared to the other two important currencies, Japan has been in decline for 20 years with high public debt ratio. more ecstatic than the US, while Europe’s euro almost collapsed just last year.

Both of these major economies are entering the aging stage, so it is impossible to grow quickly.