1990 (BBC-2 1977-1978 with Edward Woodwood, Robert Lang and Barbara Kellerman)

UK / BBC-2 / 16×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 18 September 1977 – 10 April 1978

Creator: Wilfred Greatorex / Music: John Cameron / Producer: Prudence Fitzgerald

Scifi drama series. In the year 1990 Britain is controlled by a government that suppresses all opposition, with the country being run by The Public Control Department. From this newspaper reporter Jim Kyle gets involved in a growing resistance movement.

Edward Woodward as Jim Kyle
Robert Lang as Herbert Skardon
George Murcell as Greaves (season 1)
Tony Doyle as Dave Brett (season 1)
Clifton Jones as Henry Tasker (season 1)
Paul Hardwick as Faceless
Barbara Kellerman as Delly Lomas (season 1)
Lisa Harrow as Lynn Blake (season 2)
Yvonne Mitchell as Kate Smith (season 2)
Clive Swift as Tony Doran (season 2)
David McKail as PCD Inspector MacRae (season 2)


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