1,000,000 Pound Bank Note, The (BBC-1 1968 with Stuart Damon and John Bryans)

UK / BBC-1 / 4×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 29 September – 20 October 1968

Writer: John Hawkesworth / Novel by Mark Twain / Script Editor: Michael Voysey / Music by Tristram Cary / Production Design: Daphne Shortman / Producer: Campbell Logan / Director: Rex Tucker

Ambitious four part adaptation of the Mark Twain story about a man who finds his life changes when he is given a million pound note.

Stuart Damon as Henry Adams
John Bryans as Butler
David Bird as Ambassador
Frankie Dunn
George Howe
Arthur Hewlett
Rex Robinson
Tony Thawnton
Diarmuid Lawrence
John Wilding
Philip Lennard
Robert Bernal
Frederick Beauman
Joe Greig
Beatrix Mackey
Erik Chitty
Bert Simms
Jack Lynn
Bonnie Hurren as Portia
Anton Diffring as Alex
Pippa Steel

The Episodes
1. A Bet Is Made (29 Sep 68)
2. Never Pay Your Tailor (6 Oct 68)
3. Votes For Women (13 Oct 68)
4. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (20 Oct 68)


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